Mary M.

Down 40 lbs

“I did not fully understand the meaning of inflammation in the body until it was happening to me. I was 50 pounds overweight and felt like my entire body was stung by a giant bee.  I have tried every eating plan out there.  I was exercising and still not losing weight and this went on for years.   I first started my journey with Medical Weight Wellness in mid-February of 2016 when my doctor asked “May I talk to about your weight?”  I then realized I cannot do this alone.   My food coach, Fran, is wonderful.  She listened carefully to my activities and my food choices and we came up with a plan that makes it easy to lose the weight and keep the weight off.   My weight loss has been a steady 1-2 pounds a week.  If I do not lose one week, at least I did not gain.  I am thrilled that I do not have the gain of 6 pounds one day and it would take me weeks to get it off.  I feel better and energized everyday.   I am so happy that this program found me!”


Ludmila A.

mila-before mila-after

Ludmila lost 30 pounds in 3 months!!!

Melissa J.

Melissa J “Medical Weight Wellness has changed my life. It has taught me the proper way to way to lose weight and has given me the supplements and advice I needed to be successful without starving myself” Melissa J.

Dannell G.

Dannell Grayson Before-After

It Worked for Dannell!

Patricia B.

Patricia looks amazing!

Tyra W.

“I am so pleased with the results I have achieved since being in this program. Fran is a wonderful motivator and has encouraged me until my relationship with food has become a win win situation. I can travel eat out and make the right choices with ease, what a relief.”

Brittney S.


Another success! 30 pounds down!

Jackie B.

Before-After Jackie

“I started the program in April 2015.  I was in for my doctor checkup and saw the signs in the office.  I knew I had 60lbs to lose and hoped this would be a way to do it.  The program teaches you how to eat right and the pounds just fell off.  By 5 and a half months I was at my goal weight and feeling great.  Seeing the doctor regularly and talking with Fran every visit kept me motivated and on track.  I’m proof it works!!!”   Jackie Brathuhn.