Medical Weight Wellness

Medical Weight Wellness is a personalized and tailored weight-loss program that is your prescription for a longer, healthier life.  Our staff of highly trained professionals will design a medically supervised weight loss program specifically to meet your needs.

When it comes to longevity and overall health of body and mind, no one’s advice can be trusted more than that of a doctor. Countless experiences making our patients well again allow us to be the perfect health guides for those who are motivated enough to improve their lives by maintaining a desirable weight and living a healthy lifestyle.


The Medical Weight Wellness program is based on what we refer to as the 5 “M”s of weight control:

  • Motivation:

    As always, the first step to weight control is the desire to lose weight, which must be personally driven. This will not be effective if your parent, spouse, significant other, co-worker, or neighbor suggests, recommends or commands you to lose some weight. This is only effective if you yourself truly want the results. Otherwise, you’re doomed to fail from the start. This process can only begin with you and your strong desire to follow the plan.

  • Menu:

    We are careful not to say the word “diet” because no one diet works for everyone, nor are they permanent. Countless diets and diet plans are available nearly everywhere you look. Whether online, in a magazine or book, or diet center, they will work for a while but will not keep the weight off. To counter these never-ending diet fads and trends, our approach is to first discuss with each of our patients their current eating schedule. This allows us to customize a plan exclusively for them. Our menu plan is a life-changing guide that teaches our patients how to eat right to achieve a healthier, more fit body and sharper mind. Starting the plan helps you take the weight off–following the rest of the plan keeps it off.

  • Medications:

    Where indicated, our physicians will recommend diet aids, whether in the form of Vitamin B12 shots to boost metabolism or appetite suppressants to curb appetite. All medications are prescribed by a physician after careful medical evaluation of the patient, and after consulting with their primary care physician.

  • Movement:

    In order to lose weight, calorie intake must be less than caloric expenditure. An exercise plan is developed for each patient to accommodate their personal lifestyle. The burning of calories by exercise is essential for weight loss and keeping the weight off. However, the exercise program must be one that the client must enjoy and be willing to adhere to on a daily basis. Aerobic exercise is important not only for diet concerns, but also for cardiovascular well being. It is recommended that everyone does at least 30 minutes of calorie burning activities per day. This important segment of the plan is discussed in great detail with all of our patients, and is a major factor that will also be monitored closely.

  • Maintenance:

    Other than motivation, the reason that brings you to Medical Weight Management, maintenance, is the second most important “M”. While most overweight individuals have taken off weight in the past, the key is to maintain your desired weight. We can handle slips together; it happens to everyone. The cruise. The holidays. That special occasion… All events associated with food and eating. Our plan is not to recommend fasting during these times, but how to deal with eating during these situations, and what to do to bounce back and take off the undesired weight that was gained. It is essential for the long-term success of this plan to follow the rules of this last M. By being a patient of Medical Weight Wellness this issue will always be addressed and handled in an appropriate manner that fits your lifestyle.

It’s up to you to make the commitment to lose the weight and keep it off this time. Only through close supervision by a physician will this process work for you. Start now with a positive lifestyle change that will not only have you looking better, but will improve your general health, lift your spirit, and restore your self esteem. Remember, a healthy you starts with a happy you, and that only comes with liking what you see every time you look in the mirror.